Congratulations To Our Wonder Box Lucky Winner Mrs. Aradhna Jain (Plot no. 34, Size: 50 sqyards). Now We Will Pay Her Remaining EMI. the past few years Indian economy has seen a phase of increase in the land and property prices going to almost double in a span. This clearly implies that this sector is given a good amount of returns to the domestic investors and therefore, it is an inspiration to the overseas investors. However, the spur in prices has not impacted the overseas investments significantly because the currency cost per dollar declined during the period. For overseas investors the increase in property prices is of a marginal value, which means it is still a good option / timeframe to invest in Indian real estate for good returns. As per the latest statistics shared by OFIC (Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre) every second investment query received in the support centre is on the investment in residential property in our country.

For investment purposes or looking for an establishment in any city in India, you have to be very careful in selecting the seller or agent for the property. It will often come into your mind as to whether the seller / agent is reliable or not as the sum paid is your hard earned money. And you will never be interested in spending this amount at a place which can lead to losses. Therefore, before going ahead for such investment, it is imperative that you investigate and validate all necessary information around it. Following is a guide which can be referred prior to arriving at a decision.

Research and Planning :

(A) Purpose of Property – Most important is the purpose of purchase as to whether it is for residential or commercial, short term or long term investment, etc. Once it is decided you should start looking for sellers in this regards only.

(B) Detailed Research – Once the purpose is to set, you can now look at a in detailed research of various factors:

(1) Area or the region of investment.

(2) The current scenario of real estate in the area and the returns seen in the past on it.

The best way to conduct this research is hiring a property dealer or a real estate agency which can perform such a research on your behalf.

(C) Approval on Projects – Ensure that the projects you are going for are approved by the government or nationalised institutions. The projects by The Crown Group are all approved by some of the imperial banks like HDFC, AXIS, Punjab National Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI and Bank of Baroda.

(D) Resale Value – Another important fact to be considered is – what will be the resale value (in case it is an investment).

There are various charges that accompany the investment cost these days. Some are direct and much is hidden.

(1) Arranging for Finance – Once you have decided on the property and completed all the research around it, it’s the time to arrange the required finance. Firstly, you need to check how much amount of loan can be fetched by an NRI to acquire a property. For further insight on such queries kindly refer to the FAQ section on the “NRI Investor Corner” page.

(2) List down expenses – Prepare a list of all small and big charges or fees for such investment. This can include:

(A). Broker or real estate agent commission.

(B). Registration and Notary Charges.

(C). Lawyer’s or Legal advisor’s fee.

(D). Other handling, paperwork and setup charges (in case of Commercial Property).

Tax Benefits & Implications :

Being an investor, if you buy a property in India by acquiring a home loan, you are eligible for a tax benefit under section 24. The person can get avail a deduction (tax exemption) up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs on the interest paid in one fiscal year. The only clause in this section is that the person needs to purchase or construct (to be self-occupied) the property within 3 years from the end of the financial year in which the loan is taken.

There are further benefits to an NRI under Section 80C. The person can also claim a deduction up to Rs. 1 lakh under chapter (2) (xviii) on the repayment of principal amount during one fiscal year. This amount can include the stamp duty, registration fee and other charges required in acquiring the property to be claimed under this section.

Legal Documentations :

It’s very important to get the validation of all legal documentation done prior to handling such a deal.

(A) Hire a legal advisor to get the documentation verified.

(B) For arranging finance or a loan it is very important for the title clearance done to the property. A property with unclear title will not allow you to avail a home loan from specified financial institutions.

(C) Ensure you possess all documents that clearly indicate that the said property is free from all liabilities and is duly registered as per legislative guidelines.

(D) Ensue that layout plans are duly approved and registered with government authorities.

(E) Ensure that all facilities stated in the contract by the seller are intact and in place at the time of purchase. This also includes the infrastructure.

(F) The most important checkpoint to be monitored is to verify that the property is free from any liabilities (like mortgage, etc.) by the seller.

Due Diligence :

When it comes to NRI investment in residential or commercial property, it becomes essential to get a due diligence or some pre purchase checks completed and verified. You just don’t directly purchase the property on the referral of friends and relatives and should hire a Property or legal advisor for an in-depth analysis. There are a few questions that should be kept in mind like – whether the deal you are going to the selling party is reliable or not.

House Inspection Report (Residential Property) :

This should be your last milestone in buying a property. Once all the formalities are done, make sure before making the payment you ask for the report from the property inspector. This will be an additional security (with Government assurance) for the property.

The tips that are provided above are for your guidance. In case you do not wish to take any hassles on your own can surely go to an expert real estate agent. However, even after that you will be required to get into some sort of research on your own as well and in this case the above pointers will be of a considerable help in decision making.


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